Why Is Everything In Network Marketing So Damn Cheap?

CTCTS_PRODUCTWhy is everything in the MLM profession so damn cheap?

The cost to “get started” as a distributor in most companies is under $500. Most come with no formal training, or training that simply is not enough and made to look to easy so it’s attractive.

If you want to learn how to do Internet Marketing, most of the quality courses average $1,500. Just to be trained on one of the popular tools, InfusionSoft will set you back over 2K before you can even start using it AND that’s mandatory – you can’t just “signup” and learn on your own – you have to ante-up.

I am involved in several other businesses besides Network Marketing. All of them took substantial investments to just learn how to do. For example, it cost $997 for one of the best “How-To” courses on book publishing. The ongoing training and Mastermind group is 15K a year. Good copywriting courses are over a thousand bucks too and the ongoing training to stay at the top of your game starts at 5K a year, with the good groups going for 15-25K.

Personally, I think one of the best trainers in the MLM profession (and a friend for nearly 20 years)  Todd Falcone is insane. The A-Team for $600 a quarter? C’mon man, that’s ridiculously cheap and undervalued for what you get. And now, he comes out with “Cracking Your Code to Success in Network Marketing”. Nineteen CD’s jam-packed with Blood, Sweat, Tears, and Success from twenty five years of experience in the business and it’s only $297. Dude, did you forget to put the “1,” before the “2″?

Back when I was co-founder of ProSTEP, we charged $600 A MONTH for leads, training and support.

If you are hesitant to pull the trigger on “Cracking Your Code to Success in Network Marketing” because you are accustomed to spending over two thousand bucks to learn how to do other businesses and feel the value isn’t there for this low price, don’t be. Take advantage of Todd’s expertise and his insanity by procuring your copy before the gates are slammed shut and the price goes up (He is only raising it $100, but still, you might as well save that $100).

Treat your business like a business (not a hobby) and make real money.

Todd is not only a personal friend, he is one of the few trainers in the industry who not only builds a business with the techniques he shares, but like myself, has a similar higher goal – To abandon the abysmal failure rate in our industry and create a rising tide that raises all boats with it. This material will do that for you and help the entire profession. I firmly believe that which is why I’m willing to go out on a limb and recommend you get it (I rarely promote other offers).

Yes, I am an affiliate and get paid commissions if you buy. HOWEVER, I am doing just fine in my own Network Marketing business (as well as other businesses) and will donate the affiliate commissions to charity – specifically the Unstoppable Foundation. They are more than just an organization that “takes your $1 a day” to feed children on their deathbeds in Africa. Unstoppable builds entire villages with complete infrastructure which provides these children with clean water and food, a place to live, and an education. They don’t just support them so they can stay alive, they make them self-sufficient productive members of society, and that’s a cause I totally resonate with. I hope you do too, after all, we are all human regardless of where we live or what conditions we were born into.


Not only will your purchase today give you everything you need to create the six-figure income you deserve in your network marketing business, but you will also be contributing to a greater humanitarian cause.

Here’s Where To Go To Watch The Four Free Videos And Snag “Cracking The Code To Success in Network Marketing”

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