Thoughts on the tragic murder of George Floyd and Moving Forward.

It took a while to compose thoughts concerning the tragic murder of George Floyd and before they can even be assembled, the country descended into chaos shifting attention away from the brief moment of unity this country shared. Needless to say, I felt the same.

After thinking about this longer, one thing is readily apparent: What we as a society are doing, is not working. We are witnessing un-paralleled incompetence in government at all levels, in both political parties. So I thought… based on my experience of what works and what doesn’t, how can we make progress? And the word “attention” from the first paragraph of this post gave it away.

And here’s a coincidence: As I finished writing what’s below, Jack Canfield (one of the teachers in The Secret, author of The Success Principles, and Chicken Soup for the Soul series) broke his public silence to come out in support. I already knew his history in civil rights movements, working in inner cities, and his support for Africans (note – Africans in Africa who have far less than we do) through The Unstoppable Foundation.

You can read his Facebook post here.

Below is the post I was writing at the same time which implements the techniques to invoke the Law of Attraction  properly.

Nobody wants racism, police brutality, and hopefully nobody wants riots and violence. Massive amounts of you are putting focus on something and the universe usually delivers when something like this happens. Unfortunately, most of you are also doing it WRONG and we are seeing the expected result.

Yes, I understand Racism exists. I understand the black community experiences many issues whites are unaware of. I understand those voices need to be heard. I understand you need politicians on your side. I am not saying cease those efforts. What I am saying is let’s also implement something powerful and proven to work in all other aspects of life.

The Law of Attraction (LOA) in a nutshell:

The universe hears “X” and gives you more of it. It does not care you said “Don’t Want” preceding “X”. It just hears X.

The universe hears “I want this…” and gives you more of “wanting” whatever it is.

If you want an end to the riots, you’re going to get more of… wanting an end to the riots.

Do you think wanting an end to racism for decades is leaving you in the current position of… wanting an end to racism?

What you focus expands.

Focus on what you DO WANT.

Obviously we want peace and equal rights.

This is simple stuff most of you already know from LOA & Money issues. Why aren’t you using it for global healing and change?

The astrology at the beginning of the year was very nasty. June is not so hot and what we focus on and do now will have tremendous effects later in the year. I am seeing “signs” of 9/11 all over the place, and it’s no surprise. (Not saying we are going to see a terrorist attack, but the unfolding events and what’s to come carry similar energy). Aside from other similarities, we have a solar eclipse occurring on a solstice this month. That has not happened since 2001…

In clear and concise terms, comment on what YOU DO WANT leaving out negatives. Be very specific, yet opened ended enough so results have “room” to be delivered. When these desires are fulfilled, they usually come by surprise. If you have to have it “your way” failure is likely.

Take time and think this through. Assume if others are involved, whatever request you have toward them will come back to you multi-fold.

On June 5 at 3:12PM EST let’s take some time and focus on what we do want.

Those of you familiar with the Law of Attraction already know the next steps. Envision yourself experiencing results you desire, and ACT as if you have them. That is how you avoid the perpetual state of “always wanting”.

Define, Focus, Vision, Act as If.


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