The #1 Mistake Made In This Business!

man-question-mistakeLet’s go to the video tape…

How many remember that one?

No, this is not a sports replay, but how I first found out about Network Marketing. You see, back when I was in high school, I got my first job (and the only job I’ve ever had working for someone else) as a cashier in a pharmacy.

This guy named Frank walked in the store, asked for the owner, and asked him if he wanted to make an extra $10,000 a month part time (the same pitch rarely works today though). All he said was if you’re interested, take this tape home, watch it, and I’ll be back tomorrow.

I intervened and said, “Hey Buddy, make it two days, cause I’m watching that sucker after Paul is done”.

Prior to that, Paul and I begged and pleaded to know what the heck was on that video tape, but Frank refused to tell.

He stuck by the rules of the game (which were never explained to me at the time, and why they work so well).

The reason why is that the tape did the work for Frank so he didn’t have to explain it to everyone who asked. Not only did that cut his workload down drastically and eliminated the need for Frank to become a professional salesman, but it solved another problem that surely would have come up next.

You understand this is a business of duplication.

So if Frank told me everything that was on that tape, the next thing I would have to do is… Memorize everything he told me so I could repeat the story. Then, it would become a game like telephone, and as the message traveled deeper and deeper, it would be much different than the message told by the first person.

People will think they have to do what you just did to be successful, so the less you do and the easier you make it, the higher your likelihood of success. It’s very easy to get excited about this when you first get started and rattle off everything to everyone you come in contact with.


Instead, qualify them and direct them to a presentation.

Make sure whatever company you pick has a professional presentation like that available, and preferably on multiple platforms — DVD, web video, toll-free recording, print, local meetings, etc…

You must use pre-developed presentations that have been proven to work to do this business.

The number one mistake people make in this business is trying to sell the deal themselves. If your company does not have a proven presentation that does the work for you, you’ve got two choices: Make one yourself that everyone can use or find another opportunity.

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