Covering Up An Economic Implosion Destined To Occur No Matter What. You’ve Been Duped by this “Shutdown”.


First of all, let’s lay the myth to rest that we needed a global economic shut down for “public health and safety reasons”.

There is not a single country which did not go under lockdown experiencing (or experienced) results more dire than us (or others). Sweden, which did not go under lock down may have in fact, fared better since their citizens now have “herd immunity”.

This article shows how their curve remained flat using nothing but common sense: IE: Businesses can remain open but exercise precautions.

Tokyo (never locked down) also appears to be doing much better than NYC (locked down) with only 93 deaths as opposed to 11,000 and Taiwan (close to China) did better than all of us by taking appropriate measures beforehand. Perhaps other countries (including the US) should have followed Taiwan’s lead in prevention. It also seems quite odd Covid death counts in NY increased while death counts due to other causes decreased…

Out of nearly 4 million people in Orange County, CA, the death toll is at 38. Certainly not a number to be frightened over, and yes, I get the “argument” it’s probably that low because precautionary measures were taken. What about on the other side of the county line? Anyone who took a drive or stroll during this “pandemic” can attest to the fact that Skid Row, The Venice Beach Boardwalk and surrounding areas near 3rd and Rose are highly concentrated with highly susceptible homeless encampments very close together. Surely we should have seen an explosion in deaths in Los Angeles, but have not. Perhaps “herd immunity” has developed in these pockets as it did in Sweden.

Here in the US, the same Anthony Fauci (I refuse to call him Doctor, since he has clearly violated the Hippocratic oath) has continually scared the shit out of the public, yet told his peers this in the New England Journal of Medicine on March 26:

“This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza”

You can read the full article here:

This same Fauci was also okay with the use of hydroxychloroquine and other medicine in 2013, but has since changed his stance. You think funding and competing drugs had anything to do with it?

While I am skeptical of all media, I certainly trust the New England Journal of Medicine over what is reported on CNN or FOX. If forced to believe one side of conflicting statements by Fauci, I’ll go with the medical journal.

Before Corona Virus was even a blip on the radar, it was clear the stock market was nearing a top and was going to see at least a 38.2% correction. That’s just the way it works, and anyone who tells you markets can’t be predicted can go pound salt. I and others have been doing it for years.

What is not as accurate (although it can be done) and common among technicians is timing.

The predictable correction could have occurred quickly or drawn out. Although the market has recovered over half its losses in a short period of time, it remains to be seen how the rest will unfold. One thing is for certain — Wall Street will recover faster than you will.

The equities market will now take a further divergence from the true state of the economy. Mom & Pop’s little corner store, the nail salon, the hair salon, and nearly every other local business took a severe pounding (and are still getting reamed). It’s not easy to cover expenses with zero revenue.  Many publicly traded companies suffered a lighter blow. Some, none at all (ie Amazon and Netflix).

This all has repercussions any idiot can figure out. No income means no ability to pay rent or mortgages. Velocity of money comes to a standstill and that’s what keeps an economy going. Now, folks are forced to depend on government for help, but we seem to be witnessing a 2008 repeat: Wall Street gets a bailout (paid for by you), the average person gets screwed. Once again, you’ve been coerced into bailing out big business. Some of you got $1,200 in return. Big deal.

We knew this was coming (not the virus, the market correction).

Back in 2008 the uninformed public was hit with a big surprise. When rampant criminal activity was uncovered, those pesky public servants with investments in the market, housing, and banking wanted answers. Of course, no one went to jail, but it must have been a big pain in the ass for The Elite to have to deal with it. They would have much preferred to simply use taxpayer money to bailout Wall Street without all the hoopla on the side.

Now, the same thing has occurred right under your nose and no one seems to be asking any questions. Covid is one hell of a nice convenient excuse. Not only for the market (and this humongous transfer of wealth) but other areas too (to be covered later).

No one seems to know or care The Fed has issued trillions of dollars (which will need to be paid back by you and several generations of your offspring). Some folks are so dumb they believe Trump has taken a giant step in eliminating The Fed.

I’ve got news for you.

When you have a “product” for sale, and you sell a lot of it, what happens?

Your wealth (and in some cases) power increase drastically.

What does The Fed have “for sale”?

Debt, and the world just bought a metric fuck-ton of it.

One would think the dollar would weaken with all this debt added and money issued out of thin air, but that has not been the case (yet) because The Fed has the world by the balls.

There have been no safe havens and the dollar has increased in strength. For the final (yet to come) wave up in the markets, yields will be nowhere to be found but equities which is likely to weaken the dollar and send the market on a parabolic ramp to new highs before the final blow lasting several years takes place. When that time comes, the current financial system is likely to fail. Trump is likely to be blamed for the whole thing (which will be false since this path started in 2009) and/or – the public is so conditioned by media they might actually believe aliens landed on the White House lawn and are responsible for the crash. Why not? How many “Contagion” and “Outbreak” movies have conditioned us to accept the current virus situation?

The way I read the recent bill (and I could be wrong), The US Treasury is now integrated with The Fed to the point where the government now has a round-about way to own stake in equities. Not good, essentially meaning nationalized corporations.

We sold America at bargain basement prices while no one was looking.

What we are witnessing is nothing short of economic terrorism.

Not only have businesses been ripped apart and investments gone into a black hole, but the government has now FORCED most Americans and citizens around the world out of business and out of a job. Possibly on a temporary basis, possibly not. Wall Street will recover at lightening speed while the average person falls further into the hole.

Who knows what “ramifications and solutions” will come about as a result of this. AKA – 9/11 style, where freedom was traded for “false” security.

As pointed out in a previous post, the “health concerns” and actions taken (especially in California) make ZERO sense.

Why are places like hiking trails and beaches (where social distancing is easily possible) closed while liquor stores are open?

Perhaps the state collecting a high tax on liquor and making no revenue from hikers and beach goers has something to do with it?

Why are other businesses forced to close when social distancing can easily be implemented?

Perhaps some companies (like plexi glass manufacturers, point of entry testing for covid symtpons, etc…) are likely to see a boom in business after this is over?

Who knows.

Hopefully this all disappears and life goes on, but my suspicion is this:

The virus will not be able to withstand the summer season.

We will see it die off, the country will re-open, and then we have a possibility of it re-emerging in a second wave. If it that scenario unfolds, Trump (rather than the weather) is likely to take the blame.

Looking at another way, even if the country waits 2 or 3 months to re-open and a second wave is coming, Trump will still be blamed because at some point, the economy will re-open.

Let’s conclude this with statistics most of you are already aware of – seasonal flu.

640,000 people world-wide die to seasonal flu. As of this writing, the current COVID death toll is 201,000. In 2009, Swine Flu infected 1.4 billion people and killed 570,000 – also in line with the 640K annual death rate.

However, states here in the US have an added incentive to list COVID as a reason for hospital admission and cause for death – Funding. This is surely going to skew the numbers to the upside. One will have to take a look at the total death toll for 2020 and compare it to years prior and in the future. History shows us that the annual death toll from 2007 to 2011 remained a fraction above 8%. In other words, in 2009 and 2010 (when the pandemic was present) the total death toll was the same as years prior. Or to put it more bluntly, more than likely, those who were going to die anyway, did.

Italy is and was in deep financial shit prior to the pandemic. Perhaps they need a damn good excuse for a Sovereign Bailout. How convenient for this virus to hit them as hard as it has.

As for the political argument here in the US, I can’t entirely defend nor entirely criticize Trump. I have no idea as to whether or not his decisions were entirely his own, influenced by others, or whether or not he is “in” on this elaborate wealth transfer scam. Yes, it appears he has made some errors early on, but it also appears he tried to follow Taiwan’s lead and was met with resistance.   Those who are (and have been) “awake” clearly understand both political parties in the US are puppets for a larger agenda and advance it in different ways. The hope was (back in 2016) Trump broke the mold, but this (and earlier red flags, such as his tax program) lead one to believe he either has not or was quickly put in order by those in charge. Or — something else is up his sleeve, but it’s kind of late for that and extensive damage has already been done.

I’ll say it again:

If you own a business serving the public and you feel you (or your customers) would be at risk, feel free to remain closed.

If you feel you are at risk, stay home.

There is absolutely no reason the entire world needed to shut down and no reason for the hysteria over the past few months other than being brainwashed by the media and stupidity.

And I’ll say this (which will surely be repeated again):

Science today has become akin to religion in medieval times. Top brass hold all the answers while the masses are culled, herded, and controlled.

Now for the obligatory pitch:

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