7 Steps and 30 Days To Getting Out Of Your Own Way

getoutofyourownwayI’ll bet you aren’t aware of it, but the biggest obstacle holding you back from success in MLM (or anything) is most likely — You!

You are around people who don’t think like you. They tell you all the reasons it can’t be done, yet they aren’t doing anything themselves to make it happen. You know, down deep

Five Steps to Resuscitate Your Dead MLM Downline!

M-Post3-DoctorOne of the biggest hurdles you’ll face in building a successful Network Marketing business is to keep your organization motivated and producing—a monumental task that’s easier said than done.

A myriad of competition, e.g., other opportunities, the internet, TV, video games, iPhones, sports, romantic interests, family activities, and church to name few, are merely outward symptoms for what’s going

Will Most People Make “Big Money” in MLM?

M-Post5 - Man Throwing MoneyAs a supplier of picks and shovels, Yes! As an independent distributor, No!

As in any profession or industry, there are always exceptions to the rule . . . MLM notwithstanding. Every company has its “Poster Child” so to speak, that makes it to the top tier of the compensation plan. In many cases though, the poster child is chosen, helped, and exploited as a deceptive way to attract new,

One Simple Way To Deal With The MLM Pyramid Question From Prospects.

MLM_pyramidIt’s inevitable.

Your prospects are going to ask, “Is this one of those pyramid thingies?”.

When I started out as a newbie back in 1987, I gave a totally wrong answer — “Well, it works like that, except we have a real product and….”. That didn’t work out very well and I quickly revised my approach to defending the MLM profession (and the company

10 Commandments of MLM – Part II

M-Post2-10The first five of ten commandments of MLM were posted last week over here. Here are the rest:

6. Thou Shalt not Blame your Company or your Upline
You and ONLY YOU are responsible for what happens in your business. If you have built solid skills over time and continue to improve yourself, your business will improve. Now I can hear you saying, “But Au contraire Mike, I promoted XYZ MLM company for 6 months and they went out of business (or got shut down)”.