One Simple Way To Deal With The MLM Pyramid Question From Prospects.

MLM_pyramidIt’s inevitable.

Your prospects are going to ask, “Is this one of those pyramid thingies?”.

When I started out as a newbie back in 1987, I gave a totally wrong answer — “Well, it works like that, except we have a real product and….”. That didn’t work out very well and I quickly revised my approach to defending the MLM profession (and the company I promoted at the time). The new answer was, “When you think about it, everything is a pyramid — government, retail, etc…”. Basically, the points we addresses in the last article over here. It was better, but still needed work.

Then the approach quickly changed to, “No, it is not a pyramid. Pyramids are illegal and that’s not what we do. Pyramids involve an exchange of money with no product or service”.

That worked, but the #1 way to overcome this objection is to simply not acknowledge it at all.

That’s right.

When your prospect asks if it’s a pyramid, simply say, “Pyramid, what’s that? I don’t understand, but if that’s what you’re looking for, sorry, that’s not what I do”.

If the conversation moves toward a genuine business discussion at this point, you have a real prospect who might have an inclining of wanting to get started and succeed. If not, pull out your BS Detector and see if he or she is simply trying to drum up controversy or genuinely concerned as to whether or not what you are presenting is legitimate.

After prospecting for a while, your BS Meter will become a finely tuned device and will ping at either 0 or 10 without any middle readings. If the BS Meter doesn’t ping toward 10, you can go a step further and tell your prospect what you do, without referring to pyramids. For example, “We get paid by introducing products and services to others and by earning referral commissions from others who do the same”. If they continue on a downward negative spiral you can abruptly end the conversation by telling them, “I’m sorry, but I don’t think this business is for you. I’m looking for motivated, driven individuals who are open to earning additional revenue and are willing to be coached along on how to do it”.

That will either get them off your back or fully qualify them.

How have you handled this question with your prospects and how has it worked out for you? If you aren’t using this approach why not give it a shot and compare results to former approaches?

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