No, He Did Not Say Ingest Clorox. How half the country would have reacted if Obama said the same words.

If Obama said the same exact words with the same people on the podium, here’s how the other half the country would have reacted instead:

  1. Read (or listened to) the full context, in which Trump questioned someone else on the viability of such treatment, not actually recommended ingesting a bottle of Clorox. Since these people have done the work, here’s the link:
  2. Been in complete shock that UV light has a successful 70 year track record and worthy of investigation.
    Here are two sources citing use:
  3. Questioned the recent article spread by mainstream media concerning hydroxychloroquine. People would have asked – “Did any contributing authors receive money (from companies like Gilead) who would not want a $0.19 drug competing with an upcoming drug with $70 million R&D into it and 7 year orphan status? People would actually use their brains and ask – Well wait a minute – If the effects are so bad (death) how have people been using this to treat Malaria and Lupus? How many of these people already on the drug contracted (or did not contract) COVID? Was that extensive research on less than 400 people conducted on a group with underlying matters complicating the “study”?


I truly am shocked.

I have highly intelligent friends capable of critical thought on both sides of the political fence, yet they follow the herd with dumb social media posts mincing words.

Not saying any of this stuff works, but perhaps there are folks who do not have your best interests at heart and don’t want it to.

What do you suggest Trump do? Get up on the podium and say there’s no hope for this at all, just wait in line for a (chipped) vaccine (which, by the way, we’ve had flu vaccines for quite a while and they’ve never eradicated the flu) and go along with the agenda?


Where is common sense?

On another note (and perhaps later I’ll add a lengthier post on this):

Why is it okay for Walmart to remain open but not other businesses which can exercise common sense and safe practice?

How tough would it be for the nail salon (where employees have always worn masks and gloves anyway) to limit simultaneous customers and use “every other chair” spread at least six feet apart?

My governor here (Gavin Gruesome) cares so much about my health, hiking trails (where social distancing is easy to implement) are closed, but the f—g donut shops and liquor stores are open.

Gimme a break.

We live (or are supposed to be living) in a FREE country. Nowhere does the Constitution say the government has the right to shut down (legal) business.

You feel you are at risk?

Stay home.

Sorry to say, some people look through everything with a distorted lens, or only one lens.

I hate politics. Both sides. But you’re not going to spoon-feed me media BS and have me believe everything without question. Same on the far side of things – I don’t believe the Q BS either.

I’ll repeat this: There are two bigger pandemics then Covid – Complacency & Stupidity.

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