Markets and Trading

Mike Uses Methods Not Known By The Average Person To Successfully Predict Market Moves

He uses western astrology, numerology, WD Gann, Elliot Wave, and his own proprietary screens to find near-perfect trade entries & exit points.

He correctly called the Top of Nasdaq before a steep drop in November 2017, ​the top of the ​market on January 28 2018, the next top in October 2018, the bottom in December, and the final top of the 11 year bull run in Feb. 2020. Subscribers were also given the current (as of this writing) bottom on March 23 2020 and projections on where and when it will top again and how low it will go, along with a likely recovery path with timing before the next (and larger) crash is set to occur. Some of these predictions were posted in advance to the public on his Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Daytrading and Swing Trading offer viable sources of income when you know how to do it properly. The Forex market is one of the best vehicles, since liquidity is high, you get 24/6 access to the markets, and it is much harder to manipulate than equities. Mike covers a few Forex currency pairs, Gold, Silver, Oil, and world indices such as the S&P500 and German DAX.

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