Five Steps to Resuscitate Your Dead MLM Downline!

M-Post3-DoctorOne of the biggest hurdles you’ll face in building a successful Network Marketing business is to keep your organization motivated and producing—a monumental task that’s easier said than done.

A myriad of competition, e.g., other opportunities, the internet, TV, video games, iPhones, sports, romantic interests, family activities, and church to name few, are merely outward symptoms for what’s going on inside their minds. Besides, how dead can they really be if they have the energy for all those other activities, yet complain that they are not succeeding?

The root of the problem lies within their psyche: either the lack of proper intangible attributes, or the inability to exercise and strengthen the core characteristics that make up a bonafide entrepreneur.

At the same token, while it’s easy to blame your downline for lack of focus and productivity, just like the root of one’s lack of productivity can be traced to ones psyche, so too can the problem of building an anemic downline be traced to a recruiters mindset and marketing methodology.

Although it’s a discussion for another time, not everyone you attract through your sales and marketing savvy is cut out to be a Network Marketer, much less an entrepreneur. The bigger problem lies in the flawed philosophy of “Attraction Marketing.” Although I was an early pioneer of attraction marketing, I would no more employ it today than I would recruit a monastery of monks.

The fact is a good 85 to 90% of the people that make up the Network Marketing profession are in the wrong business. And a good 90% of those people are not even cut out to be entrepreneurs. This speaks to the marketing methods employed today—including tantalizing copy writing, bonus giveaways, outlandish promises, free reports, free newsletters, free product samples, free training, free this and free that.

While it may be suitable for “Affiliate Marketing,” Attraction Marketing is a recipe for long-term failure in Network Marketing. Just like niche marketing is the key to success on the Internet, that same concept, or what I coin “Profile Prospecting” is the future of succeeding—long term—in Network Marketing.

The Network Marketing profession as a whole is in disarray. Distributors are disenfranchised, disingenuous, and becoming more disinterested by the day. Not to mention that Network Marketing is often confused with Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and offline Direct Marketing—three very distinctly different business models and methodologies for moving goods and services. Although there is a smattering of very professional and highly successful MLM distributors abroad, Network Marketing as a whole continues to fight the perpetual PR battle in the court of public opinion as it’s commonly disrespected by both the general public and the legislature. The profession is in need of not only a monumental facelift, but of comprehensive reform and a major paradigm shift in its strategic philosophy, at least for those who look upon it as their vehicle for achieving financial freedom and a better quality of life.

That said, Network Marketing is a proven business model—for companies more so than independent distributors—that if done correctly, few other business opportunities can match for the home-based business entrepreneur.

If you’re currently experiencing the effects of an anemic or moribund organization, here are five steps you can take right now to resuscitate your dead downline.

1. Discover their passion
Strive to know your distributors on a personal level. What exactly are their dreams, their ambitions, and their goals in life? It’s important that they know why they’re doing the business. The “why” creates the fire and the fuel required to reach those dreams. Moreover, it births the passion, which in turn creates the determination that’s needed to overcome any hurdles or roadblocks along the way. It’s easy to lose sight of the end goal when one is mired in the day to day monotony of building the business. Keep them focused on where they are going, not on where they currently are.

2. Have them develop a goal-getting list
They can’t arrive at their final destination if they don’t know where that is. Have your distributors take inventory of their lives: physical, mental, and financial. Where are they now, where do they want to be, and why do they want to get there? Remember, Network Marketing is not an ordinary profession, for most participants it’s a way of life. Connect with your downline personally, but don’t babysit them.

3. Have them make a covenant agreement with themselves

That’s right, ask them the price they’re willing to pay and what they’re willing to sacrifice in order to achieve their objective. Have them put this commitment in writing, a binding contract with self so to speak, including date and signature. Then have them pronounce it to their family and friends by spoken word, and place the document right above their toilet, their headboard, or smack in the middle of their favorite mirror.

4. Make sure they are conditioned for success

A lot of people who struggle to succeed don’t believe they’re worthy of success. Ironic, I know, considering the fact that they’ve chosen an entrepreneurial endeavor such as Network Marketing. Like I referenced earlier, the majority of people in your downline don’t belong in the profession. The fact of the matter is, the numbers don’t lie. This speaks to the flawed philosophy of attraction marketing and the lack of “Profile Prospecting.” But that’s not to say that certain people in your downline can’t be resuscitated with a little prodding and correct thinking. Help them evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. For example, they might be dripping with desire, but lack self-esteem. Perhaps they have a strong belief in you, the company, and the opportunity, but little to no faith in themselves. If they’re a Christian, perhaps they errantly believe that money is the root of all evil when in fact it’s the love of money that the Bible refers to as the root of all evil. It’s important they start with the right frame of mind and a crystal-clear set of values.

5. Make sure they have a game plan
They can have all of their “ducks in a row,” so to speak, but if they lack a game plan then it’s all just wasted energy. All the belief in the world coupled with a large dose of faith and a ton of self-esteem won’t overcome the lack of a well-planned strategy. Tactics can change overtime depending on their oppositions, but they must have a game plan to start.

There you have it, “5 Steps to Resuscitating your Dead Downline.” They work. I know. And in this man’s 
opinion, it has to be easier than giving birth.

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