Viki Winterton Interviews Mike Caruana!

Mike Caruana is a former dentist who quit his high-paying career in 1996, when, having earned a good living from network marketing in dental school, he realized that owning his own home-based business would give him more freedom and income than a traditional job.

He quickly discovered that 95% of those who try network marketing lose all of their money because of unscrupulous practitioners poisoning the industry by over-promising and under-delivering.

He believes that, when done right, network marketing can be a proactive, positive way to control your own destiny.

Check out Expert Insights on 8/22/2013 at 3PM EST, 12 Noon PST.

Event: Interview with Viki Winterton for "Ready, Aim, Influence!"
Topic: Radio Interview for Expert Insights
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2 thoughts on “Interview with Viki Winterton for “Ready, Aim, Influence!”

  1. If you want real insight, real knowledge and real practical advice on network marketing success from someone who doesn’t talk the talk but actually walks the walk, listen to the replay of this rare but short interview of Mike Caruana – a man whose incredible talents (dentistry, carpentry, master electrician, computer programmer, software developer, copywriter, direct mail maven, lead generation giant, direct marketer extraordinaire) and insane intelligence is surpassed only by his overwhelming passion to help struggling network marketers cross the path from poverty to prosperity. When Mike speaks . . . Listen! Because he’s busy making it happen.