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The Five Percent CircleThe Five Percent Circle

Why 95% of Network Marketers FAIL. . . and How You Can Do It Right and Make an Achievable Six Figures a Year

Did you know:

  • 53% of recent college grads can’t find a job?
  • 50 million households are struggling to pay bills and feed their family?
  • CBS News reports 84% of workers are looking to leave their job?

Imagine if there were a way these out-of-work, underpaid, unhappy individuals could:

  • Create their own job – instead of trying to find one?
  • Generate a steady monthly paycheck- instead of waiting to be given one?
  • Work on their own schedule  – be their own boss – and do work they enjoy?

You don’t have to imagine it.  It’s possible.

And the good news is, you don’t have to have an MBA, years of sales and marketing experience, or thousands of dollars to invest.

In fact, you don’t have to be unemployed or unhappy to take advantage of this opportunity.

The author of The Five Percent Circle is a DENTIST who quit his high-paying profession because he was already earning a good living from network marketing in dental school -  and realized owning his own home-based business would give him more freedom and money than a traditional 9 to5 (more like a 8 to7!) job.

The author co-founded ProSTEP, a company that grossed more than $120 million from 1995-2005.  More importantly, ProSTEP operated in integrity by providing pre-qualified leads, training and support to everyone in their system.

The author quickly discovered this was the exception, not the norm.  In fact, he was shocked to find that 95% of those trying network marketing lose all their money because unscrupulous practitioners poison the industry by over-promising and under-delivering via highly-manipulative advertisements that claim:

  • ANYONE can do this.  (Not true.)
  • ALL you need to pay are membership fees averaging $150/month.  (Not true.)
  • It’s AUTOMATIC. You don’t need to do anything else.  (Not true.)

In this bold book, the author pulls back the curtain and reveals HOW unethical individuals deliberately mislead innocent, unsuspecting individuals.

However, he’s not content to stop with this being a “whistle-blower book.”

He knows from experience that network marketing can be a highly profitable godsend for people who are frustrated at work – or sick and tired of sending out resumes and going for interviews that never lead to anything, and attending career fairs with thousands of others who are still unemployed despite doing their best to find a job.

The author is a man on a mission.  He believes that – when done right – network marketing can be a proactive, positive way to take control of your own destiny.

He shares his proven, step-by-step methodology that can dramatically increase your likelihood of success so you become a member of The 5 Percent Circle … the exclusive club of network marketers who love their life, love being their own boss, love working from home and love making more money than they dreamed possible.

The author also introduces:

  • A “Do You Have What It Takes?” quiz to evaluate whether your skills and talents are a match for the network marketing industry
  • 5 ways to spot “too good to be true” offers so you can run the other direction
  • A first-of-its-kind approach that is the key to his ongoing success in this business
  • How to create a community or team so you don’t have to go solo
  • Why pay-per-click rarely pays off – and other options to avoid
  • Innovative ways to increase accountability so you stick with it – no matter what

Readers will appreciate the authors’ no-holds-barred honesty, personal examples, provocative quotes, easy-to-follow instructions and inspirational success stories.

Most importantly, readers will appreciate FINALLY having a way to take their own financial future in their own hands … and create a life of meaningful success where they are able to leverage their willingness to work hard and create a reliable income.

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