The Success Principles

The “Go-To” Bible for anything related to self-help, and one of the best resources you should turn to for building your Network Marketing Business. Jack Canfield is well-known for selling over a half a billion books, including “Chicken Soup For The Soul”, but in my opinion, this is his greatest masterpiece ever. The book is 450+ pages and covers 64 essential principles that well help you not only in Network Marketing, but in every area of your life. Discover how taking accountability for yourself, Learning How To Ask, The Rule of Five, Getting into Action, and Proper Focus will put your business (and life) into overdrive.

I have FOUR copies, one personally autographed by Jack (which you can pry from my cold, dead hands) one that has been read several times over and has sustained abuse from highlighters, pens, and weather elements (For six months straight, I took the book to Venice Beach at 4:30AM and would read and take notes while the beach and Boardwalk were empty) . I picked up another two copies so that my office copy can stay in the office, and another to circulate.

Of course you will get the most out of it by reading cover-to-cover, but to get a jump start, skip to the five principles mentioned earlier, master them, then read the book cover-to-cover at least once. You’ll need at least one spiral notebook to go along with this book for the copious amount of notes and action steps you will be writing.

If you that really want maximum results in the shortest amount of time, don’t order it from my link. Instead, go over to Jack Canfield’s website  and pick up The Success Principles Quick Start Pack. It’s $135 but in addition to the book, you get an audio course, workbook, and online bonuses that will give you a jump start in your first thirty days. Well worth it.

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