The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Getting Your Shit Together

John Carlton is the world’s foremost living authority on copywriting (if you include the departed, the top guy would be Sir Gary Halbert, who trained John) and at first, I was only going to give this four out of five stars. That decision would have been based on comparison to his own material, “Kick Ass Copywriting Secrets of a Marketing Rebel” which is a full-blown copywriting course.

In fairness to John, “The Entrepreneurs Guide To Getting Your Shit Together” steps outside the niche he knows and teaches so well and into the realm of just about any venture you may currently be involved in or thinking of tackling (so yes, this will help you in your Network Marketing business). So an appropriate comparison would be to other information on that subject, and if we’re going to go down that road, you won’t find these hard-hitting, close to home, valuable gems and stories anywhere else. On the copywriting side, you do get some of the gems presented in his other works, so that alone makes it worth the measly ten bucks.

John has a unique writing and teaching style unmatched by any other in the business. You will be forced to think properly. Million dollar ideas and their execution plan will get dumped out of your brain and on to paper.

What you don’t get are boring “do this, do that” commands. John paints a vivid picture of what, how, and why. His writing style will suck you in better than any novel, reality show or soap opera. Instead of a cliffhanger, you get valuable insight and real world experience that saves you grief and puts money in your pocket. Get ready for a thrill ride that will engage your brain like a roller coaster invokes visceral senses.

Who this book is not for:

Executives at Coke, Pepsi, General Motors, and companies or individuals with oodles of cash that are not interested in creating campaigns that require accountability and results that can be tracked.

If you need the old excuse of “I have to have this image/logo, it has to be seen over and over, I have to spend a gazillion dollars to accomplish this before I’ll get customers”, then sorry, John Carlton is not your guy and you will hate this book.

If you want to create a campaign for yourself (or get paid to do it for someone else) and need a third-party or excuse to assign failure to when it doesn’t work (instead of finding out what went wrong and fixing it), John is not your guy.

If you need to be spoken to “softly” and nudged along, John is not your guy either.

Who it is for:

Can you use a swift kick in the ass to get going?

Great, you’re going to love it.

Are you short a few million dollars (or would rather use that capital more effectively if you do have it) and could care less about wasting time waiting for the marketplace to find out who you are and then buy, or would you rather have a solid foundation, proven techniques and shortcuts to create money first? If so, this is for you.

Are you the type of person that already has ideas for a project (or have one going on now) but at the same time, every a-hole under the sun is telling you it won’t work, why you shouldn’t do it, or giving you techniques to do it that they haven’t done or would only work for a select few?

You need a guy like John Carlton in your corner who not only knows the possibilities, but knows how to get through to you so that you execute with precision.

This book is not just for folks in the copywriting industry. It’s for all entrepreneurs as the title implies.

Inner Voice

Wow! What an incredible book, and the transformation has only just begun.

Somehow, this book found me — I didn’t find it. Perhaps I am more in touch with my Inner Voice then I give myself credit for. My eyes caught a link (which was embedded as part of a six part interview Russ Whitney did with Larry Benet over here). Did not read the description or watch the interview (yet) but a strong feeling in my gut said, “Click and buy. You’ll understand later”.

I did.

The book opens with Russ Whitney’s amazing story of going from working in a slaughterhouse to attaining massive wealth and how he always had the nagging feeling that it wasn’t enough. Like most rags to riches stories, there comes a point where the momentum ceases and you either slip back, crash hard, or find a higher purpose in life that serves others, with wealth being a side benefit. That’s what keeps the momentum going (and also lets you do it peacefully while uplifting others instead of crushing them in the process). Russ includes his struggles and how he later found out they were signs from the universe to change course.

What’s nice is that once you read, do, and practice, smaller, not so drastic measures will be dished out by the universe to nudge you (they have been present all along, you just didn’t know it because you weren’t in communication with your Inner Voice). Learning how to communicate with your Inner Voice will help you spot them and change course.

Russ identifies four phases we go through — Athlete (primary focus: appearance), Warrior (primary focus: money, defensive) Statesperson (focused on having a positive impact), Sprit (Mother Teresa, Ghandi, etc..).

Unknowingly, I coasted through three, and was clearly in the Stateperson phase by age 31. I had a glimpse of Spirit not long after. By 35 I was back to Warrior and ever since then I’ve yearned for Statesperson again (I am now 43). Of course I had no idea what the terminology was for what I was going through at the time (and now), how I slipped back and forth, or more importantly, how to consciously get to where I wanted to be and stay there.

I cruised through the first half of this book in a few hours, thinking, “Yea — I know that, I just couldn’t put my finger on it”. Vivid pictures were created in my head of my own life with parallels to Russ Whitney’s, except the extremes are not as drastic on both ends.

The fast-paced reading came to a screeching halt at Chapter 6.

While it’s nice that many authors and TV personalities can identify former partners, childhood friends, abusive parents, business dealings in the past, and other factors as the root cause of problems in adulthood, Russ Whitney goes beyond that. Not only are they cause for major problems, but cause for ingrained subconscious patterns that cause you to think and act the way you do know — Actions which prevent you from reaching your full potential and may prevent you from being guided by your Inner Voice.

Chapter 6 is where you must put the book down and go to work. You get a step-by-step simple process to do it (referred to as a Discovery Chart) and after two hours of data mining and analyzing, you’ll have the basis for the next steps, which is where the magic starts to happen.

This is not only a must read book, but a must “do” book. Included are charts to do the work and checklists to evaluate your progress. In less than a week I’ve seen some positive changes, but this is a lifelong course of improvement (like The Success Principles and most other work in this genre).

Now I clearly understand why I was at certain positions in my life and how to use a power greater than myself to rekindle the fire I once had and bust through former plateaus. More importantly, this time around it will be done not for myself but for a greater cause(s).

Where it’s helping me in my MLM business:

For those of you that know my story, 1995-2003 was a period of great success in my life. That’s when I gave up building my own MLM businesses and co-founded ProSTEP with Kevin Lehmann. We were focused on the greater good for the Network Marketing community by providing the industry’s only Lead Generation, Training, and Support company at the time.

Times have changed since 2003 in the industry, ProSTEP left the scene in 2005, and ever since 2006 I’ve been successful again as a Network Marketing distributor. But, something is missing and it’s not the money. The yearning to be back where I was, supporting the industry as a whole.

Inner Voice is (and will help) keep me on track by playing my role in helping the community with what it needs in these new times. Perhaps I will be directed toward a different path, maybe even outside of Network Marketing, who knows.

Where are you today?

Do you have a burning passion for what you do (even if it’s not MLM)?

Are you being guided by a power higher than yourself that knows more than you do who directs not for self-gain but for the greater of all good?

Grab yourself a copy of Inner Voice, read, do, and get on track. You will absolutely love this book.

Grow A Pair

I ordered this book on release date and read it twice. Second pass involved doing the exercises. Since then, the book has been loaned out twice and I’ve ordered extra copies to gift. Once you read it, you’ll understand why — Pretty much everyone needs to read it.

We have become a society that passes blame up the ladder and puts up with a lot of unnecessary poor treatment from others. As a whole, we do nothing to correct others or ourselves.

Larry does an excellent job in laying this out in plain and simple terms in an amusing way. Perhaps you may feel offended by how he does it, but if that’s the case, you probably need the book (or know someone who does) pretty badly.

How it will help you in Network Marketing:

Accountability, Baby!

In this business you are accountable to no one but yourself. Chances are, you’re making excuses instead of taking action. Learn to identify that and change it. The simple exercises in this book will force you to. Get past the point of being stuck and dragged down by naysayers and leave that crowd yourself. Learn to take responsibility for yourself and move in the right direction!

The book is a roller coaster of laughs and important lessons to learn. I know you’re not only going to learn from it, you’ll love it and want to pass it on to others too (Or just save the hassle of having to go back to Amazon and order a few of them now). Enjoy!


21.5 Unbreakable Laws of Selling

What I really love about the book is that is not targeted to one specific sales profession. That means you have to read it and THINK about how you will implement the Laws in YOUR network marketing business. This is more effective than someone simply giving you a script and telling you what to say and do.

The days of robotic script reading are over. Learn how to establish rapport with your prospects, dig deep, find out why they are looking to you for a solution, and give them answers with world-class service.

Not only is prospecting and closing an issue with most Network Marketer’s, but so is attrition. Keeping your new signups active every month and purchasing product is easier than finding new customers, yet most people don’t do it. Learn effective strategies and stop the revolving door!

Again, the book is not specific to Network Marketing, but will be more valuable to you than many books which are, simply because you will have to think and apply the knowledge to your specific business.

The Success Principles

The “Go-To” Bible for anything related to self-help, and one of the best resources you should turn to for building your Network Marketing Business. Jack Canfield is well-known for selling over a half a billion books, including “Chicken Soup For The Soul”, but in my opinion, this is his greatest masterpiece ever. The book is 450+ pages and covers 64 essential principles that well help you not only in Network Marketing, but in every area of your life. Discover how taking accountability for yourself, Learning How To Ask, The Rule of Five, Getting into Action, and Proper Focus will put your business (and life) into overdrive.

I have FOUR copies, one personally autographed by Jack (which you can pry from my cold, dead hands) one that has been read several times over and has sustained abuse from highlighters, pens, and weather elements (For six months straight, I took the book to Venice Beach at 4:30AM and would read and take notes while the beach and Boardwalk were empty) . I picked up another two copies so that my office copy can stay in the office, and another to circulate.

Of course you will get the most out of it by reading cover-to-cover, but to get a jump start, skip to the five principles mentioned earlier, master them, then read the book cover-to-cover at least once. You’ll need at least one spiral notebook to go along with this book for the copious amount of notes and action steps you will be writing.

If you that really want maximum results in the shortest amount of time, don’t order it from my link. Instead, go over to Jack Canfield’s website  and pick up The Success Principles Quick Start Pack. It’s $135 but in addition to the book, you get an audio course, workbook, and online bonuses that will give you a jump start in your first thirty days. Well worth it.

The Power of Habit, Why We Do What We Do In Life & Business

Let’s face it. It takes strong discipline to start and grow any business, especially Network Marketing where you are only accountable to yourself. Learn the inside secrets backed by research that turned Febreze from an utter failure to a wild success (along with other thrilling stories) and how you too can once and for all break bad habits holding you back from success.

Not putting enough time into your business or your own personal well-being? This book will show you how to identify the subconscious patterns hard-wired into your brain that are holding you back and reprogram yourself to become a high producing machine at all levels.

The 11th Element

Now considered a “Phase I” book by Robert, the material is excellent for anyone still playing the Phase I Game. If you don’t know what Phase I, Phase II, etc… mean, then you’re in Phase I and this book is for you. The book tells the story of how Robert pried the secrets of success and tapping into a “Hidden, Unknown Element” out of his grandfather (who built a multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 company). He clearly shows you how to do this yourself so that you too can build an empire at lightning speed. Once you find out about Robert and read his material, you will be hooked for life. Read this book and see where your path takes you next….

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Another All Time Best-Seller that needs to be read more than once. Robert has a way of taking complex subjects and making them simple to understand and enjoyable to read. Not only will the principles learned from this book help your Network Marketing business to grow, they will help you form a solid foundation of money management. Once you start making a ton of money in your Network Marketing business, you’ll want to know how and where to put those funds so you can start growing multiple streams of income and accumulating assets.  Having that knowledge upfront will help you make better decisions as you grow your Network Marketing team now.