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Free-Gift-Tag-IconNo matter what you are doing right now in life or business, there’s always room to grow. Your business can only grow as much as you do.

The same applies to your health and relationships.

We attract “things” and people at our vibration level.

Unless you have been in a cave for the past decade, you got a glimpse of this through the movie “The Secret” (which is really no secret at all, this stuff has been around for nearly a hundred years). And while the movie did a great job at exposing the masses to the Law of Attraction, there’s only so much a 90 minute movie can accomplish.

In order to really reap the benefits, you need to constantly be engaged. Most people simply watch the movie once or a few times then go back to their old ways and wonder why it doesn’t work.

Aside from the main premise of “The Secret” there are over a hundred other principles that need to be mastered to achieve and keep results. They all need to be practiced daily and the reason why most expensive self-help courses work so well is the constant engagement they enforce. They start out with simple principles, and build upon them as you go through the material, day by day, week by week, and month by month.

What you may not be aware of is this movement dates back to the early 1900′s. One of the most complete courses was offered in 1918 called “The Master Key System” by Charles Haanel.

Haanel released it at a price tag of $1,525. In today’s dollars, $1,525 would equate to $24,038.12! And, every single person who got their hands on the course achieved wealth! In the thirties copies all but dried up (this is debatable). A few re-surfaced in 1995 (again, debatable as to whether or not they ever dried up to begin with, but nonetheless, the material was still not widely known).

Haanel designed the course to be 24 weeks. You would get one lesson a week (which would only take a few minutes to do). Do that same lesson every day for a week, then mail it back to him and receive the lesson for the next week.

It works well because everything that needs to be covered is, the right amount of time to master each lesson is allocated, and you start out simple then build upon each lesson week by week. In other words, you are engaged over a 24 week period, yet not overwhelmed with a large book or volumes of CD’s all at once. 24 weeks is well past the scientifically calculated average of 28 days that it takes to stick with something and make it a habit.

Granted, the language of the course is a little dated (not the principles of the course) and not as easy to decipher as today’s self-improvement courses, but it does work well. It’s also public domain, which means FREE. But don’t just head out to the bookstore (or online) and grab a copy of the entire course (or book). You may be tempted to “skim” through it and not use it as intended. Instead, I’d like you to “The Master Key System” the way Haanel would have wanted you to to. If he were sitting here today, he would agree that electronic delivery of his material in the same weekly fashion would suffice instead of the Post Office (or personal meetings).

Head over to Burn It In Your Brain and on the right side of the page you’ll see a form to fill out (it only asks for your first name and email address). After you fill it out, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Click the link in that email, then your first of 24 lessons (including the book forward, instructions, and preface) will arrive in your Inbox in a few hours. Every seven days you’ll get a new lesson, until the course is complete 24 weeks later – EXACTLY as Haanel intended it to be used, only with modern day technology, you don’t have to pay a cent.

I truly hope you take me up on this and achieve whatever it is you want out of life, whether that be improved finances, improved relationships, perfect health, or anything else.

Again, Go Here To Get It

Wishing you a prosperous New year,


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