5 Reasons Why You Might Hate MLM

MaryKay2013Cadillac1 – You Suck At It
You were never taught how to do the business right. You tried begging and pleading with a few people to join the greatest opportunity you bought into hook, line, and sinker thinking they would do the same and it didn’t work. So you quit and claimed MLM doesn’t work.

2 – You Want A Handout And There Are None To Be Given in MLM
You were told about this thing called “Massive Spillover” where some mega-giant was going to do all the recruiting and everyone would flow under you and all you had to do was signup. And you believed this thinking only a few people above you were going to work.

3 – You’re Brainwashed

MLM is bad.

None of the products work.

You can’t cure or present any ailments with natural ingredients. Nope. You’ve got to support huge pharmaceutical companies and buy drugs, so that you’ll develop side effects and have to buy more drugs to treat those and grow this vicious circle forever.

Yep. Those TV ads have you brainwashed and all the three letter agencies in bed with the drug companies have done an incredibly fine job into making you believe you need their stuff and nothing else works.

None of the other MLM companies out there can stuck up to their retail counterparts either. Yep, those TV ads are doing great getting you into WalMart so that your money lines their pockets instead of the individual down the street who’s just trying to scam you out of a few bucks for snake oil.

4 – The SEC Has You Scarred **less
They’ve made an example out of the one or two of over 700 companies that didn’t have their ducks in a row and now you perceive every company to be a scam.

Great Job Guys! Want to tell us the REAL Numbers on how the average investor is getting robbed blind?

I didn’t think so.

5 – You Hate Pink Cadillac’s


Solution: Stay a slave in the corporate world OR

  • Find a legitimate company that offers something of value (even if there were no MLM pay plan attached).
  • Develop your skills in Relationship Building, Prospecting, Presenting, & Closing.
  • Hang with people who are successful.
  • Go To Work! Make the miracle happen, don’t sit around waiting for it.

If you’ve been burned in MLM before or have a bad taste in your mouth for the entire Network Marketing industry, it’s time to wake up. MLM works if you do and is also one of the last bastions left on this planet for an individual to start a business on a shoe-string budget and grow it into a respectable monthly income.

Give it time, improve yourself and your skills, and NEVER QUIT!

So what if it takes two to five years to be where you want to be. What are you doing anyway in that time-frame to build your income and plan for times ahead?

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