3 Easy Ways To Take Advantage of The Government Shutdown in MLM

govshuitdown1 – Make all the outrageous product claims you want.
Now’s the time baby! Can your product help me lose 37lbs in 3 days?

Can it cure Aids & Cancer?

Can it make my **** grow three inches overnight?

You’ve got a winner and the FTC is on hiatus and can’t do a damn thing.

2 – Make outrageous income claims.
What’s the top income earner in your company making?

Now you can represent that as what the average person joining your opportunity will make.

Even better, shorten the time frame and raise the stakes!

3 – Dial, Dial, Dial
With donotcall.gov shutdown, now’s the time to dig into your lead list (or the phone book, or any source of numbers) load up phoneburner or your favorite autodialer and blast away! You’ll get one out of 18,467 people you dial interested, but hey, you wouldn’t have had that person before and he or she can be your heavy hitter!

And of course you know, these are things you should never do in MLM (even with the FTC on hiatus).

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Disclosure: This post was intended as a joke (although I know some people do it anyway regardless of the government shutdown). I recommend you avoid doing the three things mentioned in this post but do recommend you comment, share, and tweet!

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