The Carbonized Shit Effect (Again), Faulty Logic, and Zero Tolerance For Stupidity.

Doh-Homer-SimpsonI said over a month ago human stupidity is a bigger pandemic than COVID-19.

This is now running rampant, to the point where I can barely stand to watch my Facebook Feed and may consider closing it, or taking a long break (the later of which I usually do anyway). I stick around because I have quite a few “high level” friends, mainly in marketing who post there and have groups, but rarely post on my own wall. Trying to jolt people out of a coma is an exercise in futility. Most will not think for themselves. Most follow everything put out from one extreme and discount the other. Truth is, both sides of most arguments (especially political) contain loads of bullshit sprinkled in with truth here and there.

Here is a simple test to see if your brain is functioning properly. The question is

Thoughts on the tragic murder of George Floyd and Moving Forward.

It took a while to compose thoughts concerning the tragic murder of George Floyd and before they can even be assembled, the country descended into chaos shifting attention away from the brief moment of unity this country shared. Needless to say, I felt the same.

After thinking about this longer, one thing is readily apparent: What we as a society are doing, is not working. We are witnessing un-paralleled incompetence in government at all levels, in both political parties. So I thought…