7 Deadly Ways Network Marketers Hang Themselves When Trying To Launch a Direct Mail Campaign

hangropeAlthough not nearly as prevalent as it was over 15 years ago (mainly because very few people utilize direct mail to build their business) over 95% of the offers I do receive in the mail (I am on quite a few DM lists) are pure garbage. While I can’t teach you how to do this correctly in just one blog post, here are seven things

“Expert Insights Interview Replay”

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Expert Insights Interview with Viki Winterton

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Direct Mail – Marketing’s Best Kept Secret

shhhhhDirect Mail is perhaps, marketing’s best kept secret.

Against the advice of all Network Marketing Guru’s, in 1987 I launched a direct mail campaign to build the network marketing company I was promoting at the time.

It didn’t work, at least the first time around.

After several modifications and learning how to write effective sales copy, the campaign started to do well. At its peak, I was

Coming Soon . . . “The Five Percent Circle”

The Five Percent CircleThe Five Percent Circle

Why 95% of Network Marketers FAIL. . . and How You Can Do It Right and Make an Achievable Six Figures a Year

Did you know:

  • 53% of recent college grads can’t find a job?
  • 50 million households are struggling to pay bills and feed their family?
  • CBS News reports 84% of workers are looking to leave their job?