Fascism & Doublethink

Doublethink: the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them. – George Orwell, 1984

(1) It’s fascist for the right to censor / take control of CDC data. It’s okay for the left to censor anyone or anything they want on any platform they control.
(2) Corrupt politicians allowing Social Anarchy is fine. Higher authorities with no jurisdiction at local levels putting a stop to it is fascism.

Guess what?

Loss of liberty and freedom fits

More Hypocrisy, Incompetence, & Corruption in CA, “Research” Behind Protests & Covid, The Mask War, and A Good Article From an MD.

Well here it is, a 60 page report explaining why there were no spikes in COVID cases from protests.

TLDR; Being outside, in motion, many staying home due to the protests (and offsetting what would be a spike) and most protestors not being in susceptible groups to begin with, were the reasons cited.

Of course it looks good and sounds reasonable. We expected it to. I’ll go so far as to

The Carbonized Shit Effect (Again), Faulty Logic, and Zero Tolerance For Stupidity.

Doh-Homer-SimpsonI said over a month ago human stupidity is a bigger pandemic than COVID-19.

This is now running rampant, to the point where I can barely stand to watch my Facebook Feed and may consider closing it, or taking a long break (the later of which I usually do anyway). I stick around because I have quite a few “high level” friends, mainly in marketing who post there and have groups, but rarely post on my own wall. Trying to jolt people out of a coma is an exercise in futility. Most will not think for themselves. Most follow everything put out from one extreme and discount the other. Truth is, both sides of most arguments (especially political) contain loads of bullshit sprinkled in with truth here and there.

Here is a simple test to see if your brain is functioning properly. The question is

Thoughts on the tragic murder of George Floyd and Moving Forward.

It took a while to compose thoughts concerning the tragic murder of George Floyd and before they can even be assembled, the country descended into chaos shifting attention away from the brief moment of unity this country shared. Needless to say, I felt the same.

After thinking about this longer, one thing is readily apparent: What we as a society are doing, is not working. We are witnessing un-paralleled incompetence in government at all levels, in both political parties. So I thought…

The Damage Is Done, Or Is More To Come?

Normally seasonal flu starts in October and November. Spreading increases exponentially throughout December and January which explains why case reports spike up through late March and die out with recovery by April. This is due to “herd immunity” forming and people staying home to avoid spreading it any further. Perhaps numbers in California

Covering Up An Economic Implosion Destined To Occur No Matter What. You’ve Been Duped by this “Shutdown”.


First of all, let’s lay the myth to rest that we needed a global economic shut down for “public health and safety reasons”.

There is not a single country which did not go under lockdown experiencing (or experienced) results more dire than us (or others). Sweden, which

Taking this blog in a new direction…

It’s been years since I’ve posted here. Like most others, my stuff (what little I do share) is spread across social media, however, mostly in comments to others.

Realizing how major platforms have censored voices of reason, I’ve decided to start re-vamping this blog. Life has taken a different direction in the last five years. Yes, I’m still active in Network Marketing, but I’ve also become very active in trading the equity and Forex markets (and gotten damn good at it). As a result of that, I’ve discovered an underlying structure of how other things on this planet “work” and are tied in to it.

A quiet, dark side of me will come out and it may not resonate with many people.

That is fine.

Know this moving forward:

  • I maintain no political loyalty to one party. I’ve voted all three ways in the past.
  • I question EVERYTHING on Mainstream Media news.
  • I question ALL conspiracy theories (that I am aware of). Some are believable, most are not. Like mainstream media, you will find elements of truth sprinkled in with Bullshit. It doesn’t mean you throw out the baby with the bathwater, either mainstream news or alternative.
  • My lens has become as clear as possible. This is necessary for trading the markets in both directions without bias and comes in quite handy when looking at other situations.
  • I predicted the February 20 2020 top in the market and crash well in advance (December 2019) and honed the timing down precisely later on. I had no clue it would be caused by a damn virus and lead us to the position we are in now. That is the main reason to take this blog in a different direction.
  • As for my advocacy for the Network Marketing Profession, I’ve shelved the idea of a book and public speaking. Residual income is far easier. Art Jonak, Eric Worre, Todd Falcone, and a few others have this covered well. I’ll post what works for me here (direct mail has changed quite substantially and is no longer as effective) but life has become much more “well-rounded” in the past several years.

Right now, humanity faces two pandemics worse than Covid19:

Complacency and Stupidity.

Knowing I’m likely to get “muted” and/or censored on other platforms, content will be posted here and linked to instead. I’m tired of repeating the same long comments to folks on Social Media who can only see things through one distorted lens.

Perhaps you will gain some knowledge and make some money in these tough times.