Where Did Everything Go?

This started out as a Network Marketing Blog, then evolved to providing insight on other passions and profitable ventures. I’ve never left MLM. Been with it since 1987 and only involved in three companies since. One, most old-timers are familiar with, ProSTEP. Many know me as one of the three who provided the corporate structure later generating over $120 million in sales. The third is where I am today, and took a similiar path to get there — Distributor and Corporate MLM World, but now I own the company.

The blog evolved with my journey, and over the years as of late, I have provided astonishing predictions in the market and world events, some of which are still unfolding. My political beliefs are/were unpopular with both sides of politics, yet to this day appear correct. They have NOT been proven wrong, but for personal and privacy reasons have been removed (along with everything else, some of which has been proven correct, minor things incorrect, and more still unfolding). I do thank you if you have read and kept up with prior work, both here and on Social Media (where I deleted a good bit of it as well, especially “venting” posts).

At one point, my goal was to “prove” capabilities by getting things correct in advance and contributing to a “wake-up” call. This is not to be taken in the sense of “red-pilling” people, but a message of not falling for bullshit on either end of the political spectrum and division tactics.

It is solely up to you to decide what’s “true” for yourself by exploring your own path. Hopefully, that won’t be what either far-left, far-right, or any mainstream group (either media, religious, or whatever) decides for you. If you agree with every point from mainstream news, conspiracy sites, or either political party, chances are you aren’t thinking for yourself.

This work has been draining and not worth the outcome thus far. It started out by trying to predict events based on astrology and knowing where the market was going, but in essence, all that’s needed to profit in the market are price targets, timing, and direction.

For example, we knew a correction was coming months in advance. We knew when and where it would go, but had no idea back then it would be attributed to a virus. We also knew the market was going to bottom on March 23, and that was right at the time we were starting to shut the economy down.

In December 2019 I did a YouTube video with the 2020 predictions and made several updates to my blog, some of which are still yet to unfold.

I struggled long and hard with the decision to do it again for 2021 but for a number of reasons held back and only released it to my private trading group.

In all honesty, making correct predictions and expressing views on world events have not been income producing activities. The latter is where focus has entirely shifted.

The lofty goal years ago to revisit the days of ProSTEP and offer training and support to the Network Marketing Industry as a whole is also something I’ve long since set aside. I’d prefer to leave that to the legends of the industry: Eric Worre, Todd Falcone, Richard Bliss Brooke, Randy Gage, Art Jonak, Tom Schreider (Big Al), and many others.

The intensity and work required to promote the industry (and train) on a widespread and generic scale just does not fit with my current lifestyle (reaping the rewards of residual income).

My focus now is building my own team and other, easier income-producing activity.

I’ve been with the same company since August 2006 and have since taken it over so the former owner can retire. The umbrella of services has been expanded to include the two very things I am passionate about – trading the market and self-improvement. The core of the program has always been a revolutionary system which shows people how to play in every Powerball and Mega Millions drawing and get paid, win or lose. Although many believe the lottery is a tax on people who can’t do math, you won’t change their perspective on playing and the target audience is over 46% of the population. That’s huge, especially when you have something no one else offers, gives them a much better deal than what they can get at ticket counters, and provides a monthly repeat income regardless of lottery outcomes.

Both MLM and trading have served me and others well for decades. If you would like to participate in both under one umbrella, please go here. The trading services are not mentioned there (yet) but are included. You can learn more about that here.

I have not watched “The Social Dilemma” but have been spending much less time on Social Media before it was even released. Now, there are many more reasons to abandon it altogether. Not just Facebook and Twitter, but the alternative platforms which I have never joined either. At this point, I’m undecided on whether or not to completely pull the plug but will certainly be spending even less time there. It’s nearly as bad as being brainwashed either solely by mainstream news or conspiracy sites.

Connecting with old friends back from the days of Dental School and growing up in Brooklyn has been a pleasure. So is getting to know the people, communities and groups where my passions lie — marketing, trading, etc.. For those reasons, I’ll stick around for now. In case I do decide to eventually pull the plug, message me for contact info if you want to stay in touch.

Don’t feel offended if my circle is trimmed down. I don’t care about post engagement, causing controversy, expressing views, or using the platform to build business. Heck, FB won’t even let me spend money to advertise with them, so that’s a no-go. I never did, nor will I likely ever, use Facebook to support the people in my business. That has always been through private channels and will remain so.

I do thank everyone for the comments here and on social media, but it’s really time to stick with what has worked since 1987 and not get caught up in world events I can (sometimes) predict, but have no control over.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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